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With this online calculator, you can calculate volume of a cylinder in liters.

Type in your own numbers in the form to calculate volume of a cylinder in liters and click calculate.

Calculating the volume of a cylinder is simple once you know the formules:

V = H * π * D 2 / 4

V = H * π * R 2

Radius and diameter ratio is D = 2 * R

V - volume
H - height
D - diameter
R - radius

π = 3.1415926535 (Pi)

As a result, the program calculates the total volume of a cylinder. Using the formula above you can find the volume of the cylinder which gives it's maximum capacity.

To calculate the volume of a cylinder we need to know the diameter of the circular cross-section of the cylinder - this is the measurement from the outer-edge, to the outer-edge.

To calculate the volume of a cylinder we need also to know the hight of a cylinder.

Remember that the diameters and the height must be in the same units - convert them if necessary. The resulting volume will be in those cubic units. So, for example if the height and radius are both in meters, then the volume will be in cubic meters.

cylinder volume in liters

A cylinder is a solid composed of two congruent circles in parallel planes and all the line segments parallel to the segment.

Volume of a cylinder is a quantitative characteristic of the space occupied by a body or substance.

With this calculator, you can calculate volume of a cylinder. This is a simple program for calculating.

Quickly perform this simple mathematical operation with this online program. To do this, enter a value in the appropriate field and click the button.

Table of volume of a cylinder

Below is a table for calculating volume of a cylinder (Diameter = 1 ... 10, Height = 1 ... 5).

Initial data Volume of a cylinder
D=1 H=1 0.78539816
D=2 H=1 3.14159265
D=3 H=1 7.06858346
D=4 H=1 12.5663706
D=5 H=1 19.634954
D=6 H=1 28.274334
D=7 H=1 38.4845099
D=8 H=1 50.2654824
D=9 H=1 63.61725116
D=10 H=1 78.53981625
D=1 H=2 1.570796325
D=2 H=2 6.2831853
D=3 H=2 14.137166925
D=4 H=2 25.1327412
D=5 H=2 39.269908125
D=6 H=2 56.5486677
D=7 H=2 76.969019925
D=8 H=2 100.5309648
D=9 H=2 127.234502325
D=10 H=2 157.0796325
D=1 H=3 2.3561944875
D=2 H=3 9.42477795
D=3 H=3 21.2057503875
D=4 H=3 37.6991118
D=5 H=3 58.9048621875
D=6 H=3 84.82300155
D=7 H=3 115.4535298875
D=8 H=3 150.7964472
D=9 H=3 190.8517534875
D=10 H=3 235.61944875
D=1 H=4 3.14159265
D=2 H=4 12.5663706
D=3 H=4 28.27433385
D=4 H=4 50.2654824
D=5 H=4 78.53981625
D=6 H=4 113.0973354
D=7 H=4 153.93803985
D=8 H=4 201.0619296
D=9 H=4 254.46900465
D=10 H=4 314.159265
D=1 H=5 3.9269908125
D=2 H=5 15.70796325
D=3 H=5 35.3429173125
D=4 H=5 62.831853
D=5 H=5 98.1747703125
D=6 H=5 141.37166925
D=7 H=5 192.4225498125
D=8 H=5 251.327412
D=9 H=5 318.0862558125
D=10 H=5 392.69908125

Example of mathematical solutions

Example of mathematical solutions сalculate volume of a cylinder in cubic metres, cubic decimeters or liters, cubic centimetres, cubic millimeters, cubic feet.

If Diameter = 1 And Height = 1 Then Volume of a cylinder = 0.78539816

If Diameter = 1 mm And Height = 1 mm Then Volume of a cylinder = 0.78539816 mm3 (cubic millimeters)

If Diameter = 1 cm And Height = 1 cm Then Volume of a cylinder = 0.78539816 cm3 (cubic centimeters)

If Diameter = 1 dm And Height = 1 dm Then Volume of a cylinder = 0.78539816 dm3 (cubic decimeters or liters)

If Diameter = 1 m And Height = 1 m Then Volume of a cylinder = 0.78539816 m3 (cubic meters)

If Diameter = 1 feet And Height = 1 feet Then Volume of a cylinder = 0.78539816 feet3 (cubic feet)