Table of density for gases

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Material Density, kg/m3
Nitrogen 1,251
Ammonia 0,7714
Argon 1,7839
Acetylene 1,1709
Hydrogen 0,08987
Air 1,2928
Helium 0,1785
Nitrous oxide 1,978
Oxygen 1,429
Krypton 3,74
Xenon 5,89
Methane 0,7168
Neon 0,8999
Ozone 2,22
Nitric Oxide 1,3402
Propane 2,0037
Radon 9,73
Trimethylamine 2,58
Carbon dioxide 1,9768
Carbon monoxide 1,25
Carbon dioxide 2,72
Phosphorous fluoride 3,907
Fluorine 1,695
Nitrogen fluoride 2,9
Chlorine 3,22
Dioxide of chlorine 3,09
Chlorine oxide 3,89
Ethane 1,356

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