Thermal calculation of the radiator

Coefficient of thermal conductivity of the material of the fin, W/m*K =
Rib thickness (s), mm =
Rib height (b), mm =
Distance between ribs (a), mm =
Rib length (h), mm =
Number of ribs =
Power dissipation, W =
Ambient temperature, С =
Degree of blackness =
Radiator location: - up
- vertical
- down
Internal wall temperature, С =
Width of radiator, mm =
Heat transfer coefficient, W/m2*K =

The convective heat transfer is strongly dependent on both the flow type and the fluid flow character as well as the geometric configuration of the solid body.

In this context, when the similarity theory and dimensional (criteria) analysis are applied, the convective heat exchange between the inner surface of the radiator cooling channel.

With regard to heat sources, the calculation model considered was reduced to – arranged on the outer radiator surface (on the side intended for mounting semiconductor elements) – the regions representing the radiator semiconductor module transition zone.

The simulation calculations presented above demonstrate that with the use of the software for field heat transfer calculations, it is also possible to effectively analyse more complex problems.

Thermal calculation of the radiator

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